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About Anotherlevel Construction Africa

About Us

Anotherlevel Construction Africa is a company led by two professionals with complementary expertise which makes it possible to offer a wide range of services conneted to

constructions, builging and homes.

Our collaboration started through a construction project in which Hanna was the commissioner and Jerreh was the construction developer and site manager.

The collaboration between the visual professional Hanna and construction professional Jerreh went extremely well throughout the entire project. The construction project involved several stages and successes were met with challenges which is inevitable in construction.

After the successful project it only felt natural to start up a joint business with a range of services. Our high expertise, work ethic and customer orientation established a foundation to a company that anyone would recommend.


Strong problem-solving skills and close communication with the customer are essential for a professional construction developer. It builds a solid foundation for trust leading to success and customer satisfaction.
Anothelevel Construction Team Hanna Marttinen and Jerreh Bojang
Jerreh Bojang
Hanna Marttinen

Interior design and garden photographer, visual content creator and gardener

Graduated from Finland Lahti Institute of Design and Överby Trädgårdsskolan.


Hanna takes pictures and stages homes for leading interior design magazines and books of the country as well as designs and produces visual content for companies to various media.

Construction developer


Graduated from Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI).

After graduation Jerreh has worked in large construction companies and expanded his expertise in estate construction for both private customers and companies.
His biggest projects include hotels and estates. In 2010, he started working independently.

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