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Construction Services Gambia

Construction Services

We offer construction services from the foundation to finalization, including all the electrical installations, plumbing, roofing, woodworking, tiling and painting.

Both companies and private customers use our services.

We always approach our work from the customers’ standpoint and take care of their needs, while also offering them advise for solutions that work perfectly in Gambia and its construction method, climate and environment.

In addition to the construction services we offer architecture drawings through our cooperation partner.


We help our customers to select the most suitable materials for construction and surfaces as well as recommend solutions appropriate to the local construction method.


Everything starts
from great and


We always inspect the offered job on the spot and provide a written quote for the project as well as a time estimate for its completion.


We will stay in touch with the customer throughout each stage of the project.

We employ local workers in each project. Each stage requires its respective expert and the work is done by local specialized professionals and assistants. The site manager is responsible for the overall result, quality of work and time schedule. We guarantee the quality of our work.


We appreciate both modern technology as well as traditional craftsmanship.

Take a look at houses we have already constructed in projects-page.

Contact us via contact form and we will tell you more!

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