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Anotherlevel Construction Africa projects and built houses



As an example we have chosen our first project together which we named Birdnest at the beginning of the project. The family home of 100 m2 combines the modern well-defined fashion of Scandinavia with the typical single-storey building stock of Gambia.


We also designed large roofed terraces on both sides of the house, since it is a good idea to have some shade in Gambia. The house was built on the back of the plot, so that the space on the front could be reserved for a garden.

We gave our painter a free rein to turn our walls into artworks, so we had no need for paintings.

We decorated our house with artisan products and have been extremely satisfied with all our solutions. The house is exactly what we always dreamed of!

Cherishing traditions!

In Gambia, natural materials are making a new comeback in construction and we have been involved in a larger project in the construction process of Balafon Beach Hotel.

Traditional construction and natural materials used for the roof and walls complemented the swimming pools weaving around the hotel in a modern fashion.

Projects such as these are close to our heart and we hope that Gambia would adopt even more ecologically sustainable solutions in housing-related matters.

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